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I’m known for my out-of-the-box thinking, ability to collaborate with anyone, and passion for using web tools to increase personal and team productivity. Over the past 15 years I have applied a systematic problem-solving approach to develop 16 early-stage concepts to a point where a wise business decision can be made or the project can be handed off for further development.  Each project has required developing a new area of expertise: surgical navigation, medical imaging, computer-assisted diagnosis, neurology and neurosurgery, cardiovascular disease, and electrophysiology.  I’ve increasingly taken a leadership role on these projects and have led teams with members divided by geography and function.

I work in tandem with the team, the customer, and senior management to achieve alignment on a clear set of goals.  I believe that investing time up-front to understand the customer and clearly defining their needs increases the likelihood of developing the right solution to the right problem—one instance where going slow leads to shorter overall timelines.

Our healthcare system demands innovative approaches to meet individual and organizational pursuit of health, productivity, and fulfillment.  I’d like to join a team that is enthusiastic about making positive changes in healthcare by developing a product, service, and/or business model to dramatically improves the speed, accuracy, and cost associated with healthcare decisions made by the individual and their caregiver. I am particularly interested in products and services that manage and deliver meaningful and actionable information to the patient and caregivers including personalized medicine, personal genomics, and electronic health records (EHRs). I adapt well to any work environment and thrive in a start-up environment.

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